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Men's Oakley Sunglasses - The Best Brand to Buy This Summer
By Stuart Wallace

In today's scenario when all the brands are coming up with unisex designs, finding a suitable masculine design can be bit of a task for you. Oakley sunglasses men's collection comes to your rescue. Oakley is in this business since the 80s and has been growing immensely. It is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality sunglasses. Oakley offers a wide range of men's sunglasses with unique styles, shapes and designs to match with your personality. These sunglasses are highly durable, comfortable and long lasting which is best suited for men who are usually very carefree; if you fall in this category the best-buy for you is a long lasting as well as stylish accessory and Oakley offers you just that!

Oakley sunglasses are dust and scratch proof. They provide you a perfect fit during summers as their lenses are reinforced by a HYDROPHOBIC coat which absorbs moisture such as sweat, skin oils and water.

They also offer a special sports range for the sports lover. They give you not only eye protection and a perfect fit while playing sports but also make you look very trendy and stylish.

Oakley offers a wide range of designs in the men's collection from aviators to classic set frames they have it all. They can make you look funky or sleek and upscale depending upon your mood and occasion.

Designer sunglasses from Oakley became famous when they were used in various movies especially action flicks like the X-men, Spiderman, Wanted, etc. All the designs showcased in these movies were very masculine and every man desired to own one of them. Oakley has made it quite easy by launching their men's collection so you can just browse through and your 'X-men look' today!

Many think that Oakley offers only funky frames but it is not so; Oakley men's collection caters to the needs of every kind of man, the office goers or the party animals. These sunglasses compliment any kind of wardrobe well and can make you look very classy and confident. They have a patent logo that is 'O' on the temples which looks very trendy and is considered a hot fashion statement.

You might think why Oakley? Oakley uses the latest optical technology which reduces visual distortion across whole of the lens. Their High Definition Optics system assures you best quality, durability and comfort as well as style and sophistication. Oakley gives the right kind of look according to your requirement.

It may be argued that you may get any sunglasses at a very cheap price from the street vendor then why must you burn a hole in your pocket and buy a branded one. Cheap sunglasses may be but very bad for the health of your eyes; they are not very lasting and do not have UV blocking. You can't play with your health only for the sake of money. Oakley is an authentic brand which gives you complete eye protection. It assures you best quality and you can see for yourself what it can do to your personality and confidence. These sunglasses are very long lasting; so buying an Oakley would be a once in a lifetime kind of an investment.

Make a hot fashion statement this summer with Oakley sunglasses. Now available online at best prices, your new and improved look is just a click away.

Oakley sunglasses are expensive but the investment is surely worth it!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Men's Sunglasses Review

2010 Men's Sunglasses Review

If you have ever owned a pair of men's sunglasses and have never purchased a pair of Polo sunglasses then you are cheating yourself. Ralph Lauren has took sunglasses to another level for the summer of 2010. The Polo Rectangle Wrap glasses are a must have for all men this summer. They have an aviator design with a rectangle metal frame. The lenses are wrapped silhouette, lightweight and are 100% UV protected. These sunglasses come with the Polo signature on the upper right lens and has a metallic pony located at the temples. You can get the rectangle wrap sunglasses for $150 at

The Shield Ralph Lauren sunglasses have the sporty feel an outdoors man can and will appreciate. They are over sized and has a metal shield silhouette. The lightweight lenses are scratch resistant and are 100% UV protected. The plastic bows have a diagonal Ralph logo at each temple for easy identification. You can find these sunglasses in Gunmetal Grey and they retail for $99 at

If your budget is a little steeper and want the top of the line sunglasses then look no further than the Ralph Lauren foldable sunglasses. These sunglasses for men are handmade designed in a classic wrap silhouette. These Ralph Lauren sunglasses have a foldable construction with hinges mid temple and at the bridge. Scratch proof crystal lenses with 100% UV protection shall ensure the life of these elegant sunglasses. Go to to check these sunglasses out look to pay about $425 for these sunglasses.

The Slim Shield Aviator sunglasses from Ralph Lauren are a best seller this summer of 2009. These aviator sunglasses feature a over sized shield silhouette style. Bows are designed with wrapped wood for rugged look. The lenses are lightweight and are 100% protection. Ralph is etched on the inner right bow of the sunglasses. With the protective case look to pay around $260 for the Ralph Lauren shades at


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